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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers.

For additional questions, please contact our Customer Support at support@psofsweden.se

Questions about leather and browbands

What kind of leather do you use in your products?
We exclusively use vegetable-tanned organic leather of the highest quality.
The reason being that we want to influence the environment and the working conditions in our suppliers' factories. Leather that isn't vegetable-tanned is usually tanned using chrome, which is is harmful for the ground water, the environment and the people working with the leather. Even our horses can be affected by the chrome residue, and may show signs of rashes and allergic reactions.

How do I take care of my bridle the right way?
It is important to take proper care of your leather for it to be durable and just get more beautiful every year. We recommend using PS of Sweden's own leather care products, made especially for vegetable-tanned leather. All our products have a protecting and caring wax.

Please keep in mind that light leather will get darker from the use of oils and balms.

Recommended care for you leather products:

  • Apply oil or balm before you use it for the first time.

  • Every leather product is unique, so adapt the first treatment to the condition of the leather.

  • Clean the leather using leather soap after each use, and apply oil or balm as needed.

  • Only apply oil when necessary (on visibly dry leather).

How do I take care of my browband with pearls the right way?
All our pearls are of the Preciosa brand. Preciosa is a Czech quality brand. If you take proper care of your browband and treat it with care it will stay beautiful for a long time. Keep the pearls as clean as possible. Clean the pearls with a soft fabric cloth. If the pearls need cleaning you can rinse them carefully with lukewarm water and some dishwashing detergent. Rinse and dry them quickly to avoid water stains. All our pearls have a coating. The coating can be worn off if you are not careful, or the pearls are subjected to wear and tear. Handle your browband with care. Don't flex your browband the wrong way. If the pearls are pressed against each other they can be damaged, and the wire may break. All our browbands are hand-made.

Can I buy individual pieces of your bridles?
No, we don't sell the pieces separately as all our bridles have been designed as a whole concept. If you want to put together your own bridle we recommend that you select pieces from our Pick'n Mix. This allows you to design your own bridle based on your needs.

Why is it that so many people experience such a difference with your bridles?
Anatomically designed tack may be perceived as more pleasant by the horse. The neck of the horse is one of its most sensitive areas, and there are many nerves, muscle joints, ligaments and bursa between the skin and the vertebrae. If any of these are subjected to pressure, for example by a straight, unpadded neckpiece, the horse may feel uncomfortable. The horse may show reactions such as biting hard on the bit, tilting its head, or just being difficult to ride. The neckpiece may cause pressure on certain points at the base of the ears, and if it does not offer any room for the ears to move freely, this may restrict the horse's natural ear movements.

However, all horses are individuals, and it is never possible to predict how a horse will react to the bridle. We don't sell our bridles with a promise that "you will notice a difference", and we don't recommend buying one of our bridles just to get a "guaranteed effect". 

We sometimes jokingly say that "piaff and clear rounds are not included". By this we mean that it is still you and your horse who have to do the work. But correctly fitted, anatomical equipment may be perceived as more pleasant and therefore you may experience a big difference.

Prevent tension by offering your horse anatomical and correctly fitted equipment. 

Questions about shipment and deliveries

How long does it take for the shipment to arrive, and what are the shipment conditions?
We normally ship your package the same day and it reaches the customer about two  - five business days later. We use UPS.


How much do I pay for shipping?
When you check out, the cost for shipping will be added to your cart. Customs and import VAT and any other expenses associated with delivery outside of Sweden that may occur is the responsibility of the customer to pay.

I have not received any order confirmation.
Always make sure that your e-mail address is correct. Incorrect contact information is the most common reason for not receiving an order confirmation. Your e-mail supplier may also have SPAM-filters blocking certain e-mails.

Questions about payment and returns

How can I pay for my products?
At the moment we only accept PayPal as payment in the checkout. 

How can I return my product?
You find information about returns HERE

You find all of our terms HERE


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