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PS of Sweden was founded with the desire to create better solutions for all equestrians. To offer something greater than the status quo. At the core of all we do is a wish to make a positive impact on  the world around us, which includes our environment. We have high ambitions when it comes to working in a sustainable way, and we are continuously striving to improve and develop in this area.

Respect forresources

It is essential for us to reduce the consumption of the earth's resources, so we work hard to create products that will last a long time. We carefully select suitable materials for each product to make it high-performing, comfortable, and fashionable, as well as long-lasting.

Hang tags100% FSC certified

All our hang tags are made in 100% FSC certified paper. FSC is an organization founded in 1993 that  ensures that paper products are manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible way. FSC certified forests must be managed to the highest environmental, social, and economic  standards. Trees that are harvested are replanted or allowed to regenerate naturally.

Responsible Wool standard (RWS)

The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is a voluntary standard that ensures the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on. One of the goals is to prevent harmful practices like mule sing. The RWS ensures that the certified farms uphold the standards when it comes to The Five Freedoms:

- Freedom from Hunger and Thirst. By ready access to fresh water and diet to maintain health and vigor

- Freedom from Discomfort

- Freedom from Pain, Injury, or Disease

- Freedom to Express Normal Behavior

- Freedom from Fear and Distress

Our suppliers are RWS certified.

Labels100% recycled polyester

We use recycled polyester in all our garment labels. Recycled polyester is made from PET  bottles. During the recycling process, the bottles are shredded into flakes, which then get  melted into pellets to finally get extruded into yarn. The use of recycled polyester saves resources, and manufacturing also requires less energy. We aim to replace all virgin polyester (i.e., created from non-renewable resources) in our  garments, and we are working to implement recycled polyester already by Spring 2022. We are continuously searching for new sustainable and innovative solutions.

LeatherLeather working group

All our leather is REACH certified – a European standard for chemicals, to protect human health and environment. We do a long line of work to ensure our leather is not only the best quality, but also which footprint we leave behind. 60% of our leather products today are vegetable tanned, but we are constantly working towards our goal to reach 100%. In vegetable tanning, only natural materials are used – for example, tree bark. It is one of the oldest and wisest tanning methods and apart from being gentle to both the environment and our health, it creates leather with extra character and uniqueness. It also protects the environment, animal and humans. Our leather is produced in Italy, in a tannery that is part of the Leather Working Group – an international organization that guarantees sustainable practices within the leather industry. They work to ensure that the leather is made by environmentally friendly methods and assess how manufacturers use, manage and dispose of chemicals in their factories. Our tannery looks after and filters all the chemicals on the spot at the factory.


Sometimes, there are leftover fabrics in production. To make the most of all materials, we create limited edition collections with fabrics that otherwise would have gone to waste. It’s a chance to design unique products and at the  same time make sure that no unnecessary waste is produced.

How we handlechemicals

We follow REACH standard and we have strict guidelines to avoid toxic and prohibited chemicals. We revise and update the list as new information is added. This is done in collaboration with the Chemicals Group – which we are a part of – with support from the research institute RISE/Swerea. They keep us informed  about the state of research, current legal regulations, and chemical information. We always carry out thorough laboratory tests on all our products to ensure that they live up to all requirements.

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