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show jumper - sweden

henrikvon eckermann

Henrik von Eckermann has been part of the PS team for many years. After a very successful year in 2021, Henrik has proved to be one of the world’s greatest riders and is currently ranked among the top 3 in the World. He made history at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo when he and his horse King Edward were the only ones to ride clear throughout the entire Olympics. Since then he has continued to deliver in all the major tournaments and circuits.


”Why I decided to team up with PS of Sweden was because I aim for perfection with everything I do and back then there were no bridles on the market that could offer what I wanted. I always had to punch extra holes and build bridles from different bridles, so when the opportunity came up to partner with PS of Sweden I got real happy because then I had the opportunity to create a bridle that I believe is a very good fit for all horses.

So the most important thing I thought of when designing my bridle ”HvE” together with PS of Sweden was that it needed to have a perfect fit on all types of horses. Big or small head, narrow or wide nose, it should be adjustable to fit all shapes and forms perfectly.”

dressage rider - netherlands

dinjavan liere

Dinja is a Dutch international Grand Prix rider ranked among the top 10 in the world. After a successful career of training and competing young horses, and earning medals at the World Young Horse Championships, now has become a star in the International Grand Prix ring. She is a part of the Dutch Dressage team and has made several Nations Cup appearances. She was reserved for the Dutch team at the Olympics in Tokyo and will represent the Netherlands at the World Championships in Herning.


“I teamed up with PS because I just love their products! I love the quality from the clothes, bridles, and the saddle pads. I especially love the saddle pads! I love the shape and the quality of them, and (of course) you have to have as many colors as you possibly can get!”

show jumper - usa


Paris Sellon is an American professional show jumper rider based in Switzerland where she runs her horse business together with partner Martin Fuchs. Paris has been competing on the international show circuit for several years and have both represented the U.S. at Nations Cup and delivered top results all the way up to the 5* Grand Prix level.


”I decided to team up with PS of Sweden because of the quality of the horse apparel. It’s clear that the brand is dedicated to creating the highest quality products and truly has the horse and rider’s best interest at heart. What I love most about my products is the quality and sophistication of the style of both bridles and apparel. Not only are the products top quality, but they also look great. From my experience, the quality of the leather in the bridles is not to be compared.”

dressage rider - sweden


Isabella is a Swedish professional dressage rider who has successfully competed in the U25 Grand Prix ring. She was part of the Swedish team that finished fourth at the 2016 European Young Rider Championships. With several promising young talents in her stable, she is aiming for the International Grand Prix ring – but first, her goal is to make it on the Lövsta Future Challenge with her promising 8-year-olds.


“I’ve been using bridles from PS of Sweden for many years. I really like the quality of them and most importantly – my horses love them too. They are so soft and nice for the horses. I also like that they have so many nice things to wear, both for the horses and me! And the quality of everything is really on top. So when they asked me if I wanted to be a part of PS of Sweden, it was a clear yes.”

show jumper - sweden


Evelina is a Swedish professional show jumper who has been a frequent rider in all the major tournaments. She has continued to delivered in prestigous circuits like the Nations Cup and Longines Global Champions Tour. She is part of the Swedish national team squad and trains together with Swedish top rider Henrik von Eckermann and Swiss rider Janika Sprunger in the Netherlands.


“I decided to team up with PS of Sweden because I like their products and because the team is so nice! I love their bridles because they look good and offer a perfect fit for all types of horses – and the quality is great!”

dressage rider - Brazil


Giovana is a Brazilian Olympic dressage rider who did her first Olympics in Rio in 2016, when she was only 17 years old. She recently moved together with her horses to her new base in Wellington, Florida after spending some years in Spain where she trained with Olympic rider Claudio Castilla.


“I have always loved PSOS for its fashion. I love to wear the matching sets and to always look amazing while riding. And after trying the anatomic bridles I completely fell in love with it. My horses work much more supple and comfortable. I’m so proud to be part of the PS team!”

show jumper - usa


Alex is an American professional show jumper based in Belgium. She has competed successfully on the International show circuit for several years and currently competes successfully in the 3* Grand Prix. Besides having earned several big wins, she has also represented USA at multiple Nations Cups.


“I am very careful when it comes to picking tack/equipment for my horses. I only want to use what is best and most comfortable for them. I decided to partner with PS of Sweden because of their reputation for having high quality, beautiful products that are designed with the horse in mind. I tried one of their bridles and instantly felt a difference with my horse due to the anatomical fit. I love that the bridles are made to maximize comfort for the horse. They are beautifully designed and I love how soft and high quality the leather is.”

show jumper - United kingdom


Lily Attwood is a British professional show jumper based in England. At only the age of 20 she has proven to be a strong name for the future and is already competing successfully in the 5* jumping with her two top horses . She made her debut this year on the LGCT and GCL circuits and rides on the team ”Stockholm hearts” together with notable riders Peder Fredricson and Malin Bayard.

show jumper - switzerland


Janika is a Swiss Olympic show jumper. She has a long list of achievements, including earning a 4th place together with her team at the Olympics in Rio 2016, and a bronze medal at the European championships in 2015.


”With the HvE bridle I could see all the things that were possible to adjust and then the bridle would sit so much better on the horses. So I changed all the bridles very quickly. Now I would never change it back because it sits so well and that’s what they have to do because the horses have to be comfortable with the gear we use for them, and I believe the HvE bridle really does.”

paradressage olympian - belgium


Michele George is a Belgian dressage rider who has won several Championship medals at both the World and Paralympic championships – including 5 gold medals at the paralympics. Michèle was advised to never ride again after her injury in 2008, when she severely broke her knee in a horse accident. But with a strong will and passion for the sport, she managed to beat all odds when she 4 years later participated in the Paralympics in London and won two individual gold medals.


“I discovered PS of Sweden on the Internet and their modern/classy style completely matched me. After trying a few items, I was convinced the quality was top and decided it would be great to become an ambassador of PS.” 

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dressage rider - france


Mado Pinto is a French professional dressage rider, and daughter of Olympic riders Isabelle and Carlos Pinto. Her passion for dressage started at an early age and her talent grew naturally through watching her parents compete on the highest level. She has competed on the international circuit for children since 2015 and represented France at several championships ever since, earning her first team medal in 2016. After a successful 2021 where she won the French YR Championship title, she has been selected for the French YR Nations Cup team this year.

show jumper - usa


Erin is an American professional show jumper with a passion for fashion. She competes on the Grand Prix level with her top horse ‘Meatloaf’ and also works as the assistant trainer at her stable in Oregon, USA. When she’s not riding she works as the director of media & development at Noelle Floyd. Besides being a professional rider she is also very engaged in the equestrian community, bringing horse lovers together and making connections.

show performer - belgium


Alizée is a French international Grand Prix rider and horse show performer. After a successful career in the international dressage ring, she switched her focus to freedom dressage in 2015. Since then, she has guest starred at many major horse shows across the world and toured with her own show. She is well-known for her incredible talent of being able to execute advanced Grand Prix movements with only a neck rope.


“I’ve been using the PS snaffles since Stockholm Horse Show 2015 and really fell in love with it because I liked the quality of the leather but also the fact that we could choose each part in order to make the perfect bridle for each of our horses. Lately, I discovered all the clothes and amazing sets and found them extremely classy. “Ride with style” is what came straight to my mind when I saw all the different collections. So I was obviously very happy to be able to represent this high level quality equestrian brand, and even more when I learnt to know the amazing team behind it.“

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