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Our anatomical bridles are designed to ensure maximum performance by optimal comfort and function. Each piece of leather is developed with technical precision and detail to avoid pressure and discomfort that improve the fit and grant optimal comfort.

This comfort is achieved by designing the bridle to avoid the horse’s sensitive facial nerves, follow the contours of the horse’s head and distribute an even pressure.

All of our bridles are made in English or Italian vegetable tanned leather.

If you want to browse our anatomical Jumper Bridles, our Dressage Bridles or our Double Bridles you find them on the links.

If you are looking for more information on what bridle is best suited for you and your horse needs please read our Bridle Guide or reach out to us in our chat widget in the right corner and we will be happy to guide you and you horse to the perfect fit of your anatomical bridle.

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