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What size of the bridle should I buy for my horse?


We are happy to help you figure out what size your horse might fit in! Usually, we recommend you go with the size your horse normally wears, if you are right in between two sizes we recommend you to go one size up!


Do you buy the throatlatch separately, and if so why?


Yes! When you buy a bridle from us, the throatlatch is not included but is able to be purchased separately.

In showjumping, there are no requirements for a throatlatch when competing, while in dressage it is a requirement according to many federations and therefore it can, of course, be bought extra for all of our bridles. You can find them here.


Can I combine different sizes in the bridle parts?


Since all horses look different, you have the opportunity to customize your own bridle. Just choose your color and then press CUSTOMIZE, located under the "add to bag" button.


You are also able to change each part of the bridle after receiving your bridle. That's one of the reasons we offer all parts sold separately and also you can exchange just one piece if needed on your bridle, keep in mind that this only works for the bridles from our main collection.


When it comes to our bridles with city names that are limited edition, we can not, unfortunately, offer you the same opportunity as we don't sell these parts separately.


Can I compete with your bridles?


All our bridles are approved by FEI. Even though this, we always recommend checking with your local equestrian federation to be sure what is approved in your country. As we do sell our bridles to all continents, it's hard for us to keep track of all the rules. What we sure know is that throatlatch is needed when competing in Dressage but not in other disciplines.


In dressage you only need to add a throatlatch to the bridle. The throatlatch is not included if you buy a complete bridle - but can be purchased here.


How do I take care of my bridle?


Good initiative of you to check this out! ! It makes us happy because if you carry on taking care of your leather in the right way, you and your horse can collect numerous memories together with your favorite PS of Sweden Bridle, through wet and dry! You find our own premium leather care specially made for vegetable tanned leather here!

Recommended care for your leather products:

- Apply our Premium Leather Oil or Premium Leather Balm before you use it for the first time. Repeated oiling is beneficial.

- Every leather product is unique, which means that some items might need repeated oiling or conditioning before first use.

- Clean the leather using our Premium Leather Soap after each use.

- Apply oil or balm when necessary(on dry leather).

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