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Where itstarted

In 2013, PS launched its first anatomical bridles and since then, the company has developed over 30 different bridle models among which the development continues. There will always be better items to create and Karin Bjärle, founder and owner, is driven to always think outside the box and see things from new perspectives. How can you make a good product better? How can you make a really good product unbeatable? Because how fantastic isn’t it when you get to experience the feeling of total harmony with your horse?

But we didn’t stop at revolutionary bridles, but have also developed other anatomical equipment for the horse and amazing collections for the rider. With our anatomical saddle pads, we paved a new path back in 2015 when we launched saddle pads with our today iconic stop cushions, that enable the saddle pad to lay elegantly in place during the entire ride, while you avoid struggling with straps. Regarding breeches, Karin removed the saddle-seam and created modern breeches, on which the customer can have the same requirements regarding fit and function as she has on the favorite trousers in her business wardrobe at home. Today, many of the designs that Karin invented are standard in the equestrian field and PS continues to set new trends, push the equestrian fashion forward, and give riders all over the world the best products on the market.


Our mission is to always turn what is previously known and take product development many steps forward. Our goal is that all riders get to experience the difference that good equipment makes – equipment is something that can never be bent on when it comes to offering the horse the best conditions for well-being and performance.

We all know how hard it actually is to ride, but we also know how fantastic it is when all pieces come together and you feel like you are flying together with your horse. That feeling is what we envision when we create all our products.

Our founderKarin

PS was founded by Karin Bjärle in Nyköping 2011. Karin is what you can call a true horse-nerd, who spent all her free time at the riding school Stjärnholm right outside Nyköping, where she rode her bike to the stable every day after school from 7 years’ age until she was 18. Right after her high school graduation, Karin moved to Germany to continue to work with horses. There, she remained for almost 4 years before moving back home to Sweden, where she continued to ride competitively while studying at IHM in Stockholm. Karin came from a true entrepreneuring family where it more or less was a rule rather than an exception to run your own business.

Karin soon discovered there were no good bridles on the market, and at the same time riders bought expensive made-to-order saddles and customized bits, and put on “any bridle” and wondered why it still didn’t feel all too well when riding. 

The answer for that question is in reality not hard, but if you look at how the horse really looks under the skin, you will see how much the horse is affected by a badly fitted bridle. Said and done, Karin added 1 + 1 and got 3 and launched the first bridles in 2013.

Already during the Olympics in Rio 2016, were her bridles seen on horses in all the different disciplines, and many riders across the world experienced the real difference with a PS bridle. Since then, the company has grown at an accelerated speed and the ambition is still sky high. Karin is a true competitor and wants to earn an Olympic gold medal in entrepreneurship. The U.S. is today the company’s biggest market, closely followed by Germany and England, and the company has moved from its own premises in Nyköping to Stureplan in Stockholm, where the company has its home office for about thirty employees. Karin wanted to mix the sense of pulse, trends, and city life together with what she loves the most – the equestrian sport.

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