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My discount code does not work. What should I do?


A common reason why the code does not work is if you have copied and pasted the code in. Even if it is not visible, we have discovered that the system can not register your code in this case. Please try again and enter the code manually.


You can also double-check :

- That you have entered the letters that require to be big as BIG and small as small.

- Make sure there are no spaces before or after.

- Sometimes there can be a mix-up with the letters IL1 (iL1). Test and see if you happened to take the wrong letter or number there and replace it with the correct one.


Most codes expire after a specific time span and we always notify you how long the code is valid till. If the code continues to not work after this, you can of course contact us in the contact form in the below right corner. Select "check out" in the drop-down menu and describe the case, we will help you as soon as we can!


I can't find my welcome discount from the newsletter, how do I get it?


When you register for the newsletter, you should have received an email that says "Welcome - here is your welcome discount ...". If not take a look in your spam. Sometimes it could take a longer period of time to receive through email.


Common mistakes:

- Maybe you have registered the wrong email address? Feel free to try again and double-check that you have spelled correctly!

- Have you read the email properly? Sometimes we are a little too fast to scroll through. You will find the code stated in the text of the letter.


If you still have not found it, you are welcome to contact us via our contact form at the bottom right corner. Select "check out" in the drop-down menu and we will make sure to help you!


I have problems with my payment – help?


Some banks require you to verify your online purchase through their service to complete the purchase. Is it possible for you to use an alternative payment method?


If not, contact your bank and see what they say. Some cards have various locked settings applied.


If you receive a pop-up error message on the page, you are welcome to contact us in our contact form below to the right. Simply select "Check out" in the drop-down menu and we will see how we can resolve the issue.


What are my payment method options?


We offer payment through PayPal, card, and Klarna. Please note that payment solutions may differ between countries.


Invoicing and partial payments for Klarna* is only available for the following regions and currencies: EUR (Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany), CHF (China), DKK (Denmark), GBP (Great Britain), NOK (Norway), SEK (Sweden), USD (USA).


*Please note: Klarna may take a fee if, for example, you fail to pay your Klarna-invoice in time. This is in no way related to PS of Sweden's operations. Further information about how Klarna works can be found at klarna.com.

If you are under 18 years old, you need a guardian's approval for your purchase.

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