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Go Indigo

A unique rein designed for jumping

Be ready for any show or challenge

The world´s best anatomical bridles! 

PS of Sweden is a world leader in anatomical bridle.
Everything made of highest quality English vegetable tanned leather. The company's patented unique designs and smart solutions are appreciated by riders around the whole world and with our Revolution series, we write a new bridle history.

Team Riders PS of Sweden

  • Anne Gribbons

    Anne Gribbons

    "What matters the most for me with the equipment from PS of Sweden is the excellent fitting to head, the fine cut-out that leaves room for the ears and the comfortable noseband is awesome and the horses love it."

  • Daniel Martin Dockx

    Daniel Martin Dockx

    "I really like the products from the PS of Sweden and I can see that my horses do too. Their support is invaluable to me and I am proud to wear so fine and well-made anatomic bridle that my horses really loves."

  • Lisa Wilcox

    Lisa Wilcox

    "The response I have received from my horses is amazing! They are softer and more supple through the poll. My horses and I love the bridles, thank you PS for creating these beautiful bridles."


About us

PS of Sweden is the world leader in the design and production of anatomical bridles. We also offer a wide range of other innovative, unique products for riders and horses that are sold worldwide.

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