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The new and improved

PS of Sweden2.0

- Karin Bjärle, Founder

I wanted to give PS something new, something that felt more like the company that we are today rather than the one that I started 10 years ago. We have the same ambition now as back then, but we have developed enormously and I felt so strongly that I wanted the visual, that we show outwards to you, to represent the development that we have worked so hard for here on the inside. The result became what you now see: a new appearance that I sincerely hope that you will like as much as I do - I love our new costume, that we have the honor to fill rather than have already outgrown.

I believe in great goals and even greater visions. Something that all of us at PS work towards every day.

I also believe that the best is yet to be created. That the best products are still for us to be designed and developed and oh how I long to do that. It is truly an honor to take the next step in continuing to lead the development of what has not yet seen the light of day. I hope that you are with us on the journey!

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